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Adaptation actions in Africa: Evidence that gender matters

Neil Palmer photo - Women adaptation blog

This story by Manon Koningstein was originally posted on the CCAFS News Blog and features the new paper on adaptation actions in Africa suggesting that targeting women with climate and agricultural information is likely to result in uptake of new agricultural practices for adaptation.  read more...

Building resilience to crises in the Arab World

ArabSpatial_blog pic FAO

Originally posted on the  Arab Food and Nutrition Security Blog

In a well-attended side event titled: Building Resilience to Crises in the Arab World at the 41st meeting of the Committee on World Food Security (CFS) in Rome, October 17th, 2014, IFPRI in collaboration with its development partners, CGIAR’s Policies, Institutions, and Markets Research Program, FAO’s Regional office for the Near East, IFAD/NEN and UN-ESCWA presented the results of recent studies on food security in the Arab Region and launched the Arab Food and Nutrition Security Blogread more...

RTB develops partnerships with US universities for gender research


We are happy to cross-post this blog story by the fellow CGIAR Research Program on Roots, Tubers and Bananas (RTB ) on the new partnerships promoting gender research. PIM is supporting the piloting of the tool to measure intra-household income allocation mentioned in the blog, under the leadership of Dr. Kayte Meola.

Lisa Anderberg from Clark University will be the first graduate student to conduct gender analysis directly with a biological scientist working in the RTB Research Program as part of a new partnership between RTB and various US universities. Anderberg will join an RTB project in Laos led by CIAT researcher Kris Wyckhuys, while working under the guidance of Professor Cynthia Caron also at Clark University. The initiative, born in late 2014, aims to strengthen the gender responsiveness of research in RTB crops while providing field opportunities for graduate students and collaboration with faculty.  read more...

PIM Newsletter: September-December 2014

NL Dec2014

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Interviewing spouses: Separately or together?

Farmer with new seed in new beginning for wheat in Ecuador

EnGendering Data Blog

There is an emerging literature about the importance of interviewing both a man and a woman within each household in household surveys.  Yet little attention has been given to the question of whether spouses should be interviewed separately or together.  read more...

Of Beneficial Insects and Behavioral Games

Cambodia video

Promoting insect-based Ecosystem Services in Southeast Asia - Cambodia

New exciting video about the use of ecosystem services, Game theory, and new technologies in Cambodian agriculture.  read more...